VoIP vs PBX Comparison

VoIP  vs. PBX? Or Voice over IP versus a regular phone system.  Hosted Cloud Phone systems

We are often asked “Why do I want to use a VoIP system” I trust the status quo and our phones have been working great for years!
Let me ask you;

  • Why do I need a computer when I have a typewriter?
  • Why do I need email when the USPS was good enough for my father?
  • Were you one of the folks who also said why do I need Google when I have Encyclopedia Britannica to refer to?

Realty is the internet has taken over the world as the best form of communication and sharing information.

Of course that’s an obvious statement but how does it affect my phone?

Cost, Convenience, Features

If you have been approached about changing your telephone carrier in the last 3 years with a lower cost alternative, you are probably affected daily. In our experience Comcast and Verizon as well as everyone else are installing VOIP to your building anyhow. They put in a box that then breaks out the individual telephone lines you are use to using to you old equipment,

Why? Simply it’s more cost effective and easier to manage. They only need to get one clear line to your buildings that can then mange multiple calls and probably your internet access as well. Then (in simple terms) Telephone calls become part of your internet traffic before they get handed to traditional huge trunks at the Central office to be passed around the world (Probably over dedicated VoIP circuits)
So end of day, the carrier has a lower TCO (Total Cost of ownership) Using VoIP as a backbone and can (or should) pass those VoIP savings on to you.

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Updated: June 16, 2014 — 3:53 pm