Other VoIP considerations


[su_spoiler title=”BLACKLIST VOIP ROUTERS KNOWN TO BE INCOMPATIBLE ” style=”fancy”]

Below is the list of routers that are known to be incompatible with most VoIP systems. Please contact Technical Support if you have any questions regarding hardware. This is not an all-inclusive list of routers. These are the ones that have been proven to incompatible with multiple phone implementations.

  • D-Link DIR-632
  • Cisco/Linksys/Belkin BEFS-xxxx (all models)
  • Cisco/Linksys/Belkin BEFSR-xxxx (all models)
  • Cisco/Linksys/Belkin  LRT224
  • Cisco/Linksys/Belkin WRT54GS
  • Cisco/Linksys/Belkin WRT54GL
  • Cisco/Linksys/Belkin WRT54GX
  • Cisco/Linksys/Belkin WRT54GT
  • Cisco/Linksys/Belkin WRT100
  • Cisco/Linksys/Belkin WRT610
  • Cisco/Linksys/Belkin RV042v3 or newer (as well as the corresponding gigabit model)
  • Cisco/Linksys/Belkin RV082v3 or newer (as well as the corresponding gigabit model)
  • Cisco/Linksys/Belkin RV016v3 or newer (as well as the corresponding gigabit model)
  • Medialink MWN-WAPR150N
  • Netgear WPN824
  • Netgear FVS
  • Netgear MR814
  • ZyXel Router (all models)
  • ZyXel ZyWall Firewall (all models)

Routers for Small VoIP Configurations Only:

  • Modem/Router Combos (i.e. the kind that come from the DSL/cable provider, they usually will only support 1 – 4 handsets)
  • Most D-Link and Netgear ‘home grade’ Routers will work for 1 – 4 handsets with minor adjustments to settings.  [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”POE (Power over Ethernet switches vs wall warts.)” style=”fancy”]These days who needs even more cable under your desk? POE provides power for the phones over Ethernet cables. Wall warts cost almost as much as a new POE switch …go POE

• A good time to upgrade to gig Ethernet standard

• POE provides clean power less chance of phone wall warts getting unplugged or wire breaks that create a billable service call (plus cost of replacement)

• The vacuum cleaner effect – Cleaning personnel like to unplug devices while cleaning

• AC outlet, as they are easy to find.

• Reduces points of failure

• Less cables and mess under the desk

• It is the professional best practices method for VoIP phones

• If switch is on the server room UPS the phones will stay up during a building power failure.


[su_spoiler title=”Carrier considerations” style=”fancy”]
Depends on the size of data usage of your organization..
Many small companies are using FIOS or Comcast cable for their internet. More often than not these work just fine. In some cases with heavy up/downloads calls may get garbled this can happen with ANY VoIP service hosted solution or used for Trunking. [/su_spoiler]
[su_spoiler title=”Pre-Purchase testing” style=”fancy”] You will find links to testing tools on our web site. These should be run before you commit to to ANY VoIP solution. If you have questions please ask! If you LAN is older you may need to consider additional upgrades. We do offer site surveys for a small fee to confirm you network is up to specification[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title=”How the phones are set up” style=”fancy”] Unplug you computer from the wall, plug the phone in there plug the cable from the computer into the phone.. away you go![/su_spoiler]