Why Jive For Hosted VoIP?

Why did we pick Jive as our Hosted VoIP partner?

After 15+ years of selling and supporting solutions that were based at customer sites we feel hosted VoIP solutions offer some services a traditional PBX we cannot compete with.


Like any business decision price plays a huge role in our selection process.  That said we all know cheaper is not always better We have found Jive to be reasonable balance of price, values, features and support.

Reading the reviews of Hosted VoIP providers:

Simply put after looking at hundreds of hosted VoIP choices on the market (and trying at least a dozen) Jives reviews have been consistently on top.


Started in 2006 and with over 7000 customers in 2013 we felt they have the commitment and resources to grow as our customers do.


Jive support people are well picked and quite knowledgeable not only onteh Jive system but a wide variety of switches and routers.

Simple Contracts:  

Jive’s base program has a simple 30 day contract , which means they have to earn OUR (Yours and ours) loyalty every month!  In our opinion this is a much better program than the standard 3 or 4 year contracts most providers require. Note: Jive rental programs do require a 3 year commitment but have a reasonable buy out clause for the equipment you are renting.

 Is Jive the perfect solution for everyone?

No but then we have not found any single vendor who is! If we are not a fit for your phone needs we will be the first to say so!