Jive end user instructions

JIVE User Quick Setup

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Record name and greeting
From your phone
Dial *99 Temp password is __________
Press 0
Press 5 and change your password!
Press 3 and record your name
Press 1 to record unavailable message (i.e.: This is ___ I am unavailable right now to take your call…
Press 2 and record busy message ( i.e. This is ___ I am on the other line…. )


Remote Access – To access your voicemail from outside of your system:

Dial in to your office extension
When you hear the voicemail prompt begin, dial the * key
Enter your password

The following are the JIVE dialable star codes

*11 – Internal directory
*12 – Reserved (Emergency Services in some countries)
*13 – Call queue login
*19 – Change own dialable password
*21 – Record own directory name
*22 – Record others’ directory name
*67 – One-time call privacy
*82 – One-time cancel call privacy
*911 – Emergency services call notification test
*98 – Check others’ voicemail
*99 – Check own voicemail

Supervised transfer – Press transfer and dial the extension, when the called party answers, announce who is calling and hang up (press CANCEL to pull the call back)

Blind Transfer – press TRANSFER -> BLIND and dial the ext, call will be released to called extension

Page & transfer – To announce a caller over the transferees speaker press Transfer *XXX you will be This will turn the speaker phone the phone you are calling and you are able to announce the caller without them picking up the hand set

Transfer to VM – Press TRANSFER -> BLIND and 0XXX call will be released to dialed extensions voicemail

To Park – Supervised transfer to *37 and listen for parking spot i.e “Parked on 1”
To pickup Dial *37Xx

Optionally Supervised transfer to *37 + [parking spot number]. Parking Spots can be any number of digits, but cannot start with “0”. Example: To Park a call in spot 1, blind transfer the call to *371. To Park a call in spot 15, blind transfer the call to *3715.
To pickup Dial *37Xx

Directed Call Pickup
Pickup a call ringing on another user’s phone by dialing *97 + the other user’s extension; for example dial *97 XXX .

About Call Transfer & Caller ID
When doing a transfer it will depend on whose caller ID shows up. If you warm transfer a call, by hitting transfer then dialing the extension it will show up as the caller of the person transferring the call. If you blind transfer, by hitting transfer then on the screen there should be an option for blind, of Bxfer, then when you send it the caller ID will be the original callers’.


*14 – Record sound clip (admin) Used for AA greetings etc

*15 – Record a call – dial the star code, then dial the phone number to record a call in it’s entirety. Cannot be used mid-call.

*17 – Eavesdrop