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Call Center Software:
Call Center, Call Queues, IVR

Call Center, Call Queues, IVR

With over 15 years experience helping call center customers manage inbound and outbound call volumes. We have the experience to help improve your customers experience. A critical component for a call center is reporting, basically what is happening to your callers at what time of day.  A good call center solution will give you the metrics you need to make intelligent decisions regarding staffing needs.

We pride ourselves in designing call center solutions that work and that work quite well.

 Call Queues: 

Similar to call center in nature call Q’s allow a busy practice to manage high call volumes.  Inbound callers are greeted and put on hold by an auto attendant  (yes we all hate these) and are sent to the next available person who can take that TYPE of call.  Not as robust as a call center solution but solves the needs of many small businesses during peak call hours.

IVR – Interactive Voice response:

IVR systems take the pressure off of having live operators.  Many FAQ’s can be answered via a good IVR such as business hours, featured  solutions and more advanced versions we build can read back account balances and/or information stored in a database.

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